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Who We Are

At CozadBANK, we are committed to providing our customers with personalized service and innovative solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. As a trusted financial institution in our community for over years, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers and supporting local businesses and organizations. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you succeed, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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Our Story

CozadBANK was founded long ago with a mission to provide our community with reliable and trustworthy banking services. Since then, we have grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, while remaining committed to our core values of personalized service, innovation, and community involvement. Today, we are proud to be a trusted partner in the financial journeys of our customers, and we look forward to continuing to serve our community for many years to come.



Contact us today to learn more about our banking services and how we can help you achieve your financial goals. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to answer your questions and provide personalized support.